Partnering with God – Apostle Chrispin Musonda

TEXT: 2 KINGS 6:1-7

To partner is to work together so as to achieve a common goal. In business, people form partnerships and the parties involved bring their money together and decides to work together with an aim of making profit which will be shared according to the shares that each partner has.

According to the theme scripture, the sons of the prophets had partnered with Elisha in the work of the Lord and seeing that the place they were meeting from to carry out kingdom agenda had become too small for them, they requested Elisha to allow them to go to the river Jordan and cut some logs that they could use to build the house of the Lord. The sons of the prophets put in all they had for this mission – their strength, tools to use, money, commitment and others even borrowed some axe just to enable them accomplish the work of the Lord. And even though they had everything needed to carry out the work, one of them saw it necessary to go with their master, Prophet Elisha who gladly accepted and went with them to offer oversight.

You see, God is working out an eternal mission that involves saving mankind from hell fire and his will is to see every person coming to the saving knowledge of the word of God. For this reason, He has established the church to propagate the gospel of Christ and now He is looking for people who can partner with him to fulfill the mission.

Hear me well: When you partner with God, you are choosing to surrender all that you are for all that He has promised – you surrender your whole life, your sins, weaknesses, strength, gift, money, your heart, house, family and everything else that comes in between – you give it all for the glory and purpose of the Kingdom of God.

When you have surrendered everything to God, the next thing you need to do is to serve the Lord without grambling knowing that you are not doing it for man but for God and from Him you shall receive an eternal crown of honor.

Brethren, we need to be immovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord because our labour is not in vain. We need to mature and avoid always being told what needs be done. Maturity is about being responsible and we need to come to a place where we look around and on our own try to recognise what we can do in the house of the Lord just like what the sons of the prophets did. They didn’t wait upon Elisha to tell them that the house of God needed to be expanded but they did this on their own.

We need to look around in the church and see what we can do, perhaps buy chairs because the chairs are few or maybe contribute towards the building of the church or maybe buy sofas or some decorations just so the house of the Lord is beautified – this is how we ought to do things. We don’t need to wait upon the pastor to tell us to do good but in stead, we need to consider on how to stir ourselves to acts of love and good works.

When we set our minds to the eternal things of God and get involved in the work of the Lord, we are provoking God to mind about us and he is a God that is faithful. He will not forsake us. He will provide for all our needs despite the economical challenges we are facing – we will have plenty in the time of drought just like the widow who partnered with Elijah. The woman was supposed to have the last meal and die of hunger afterward. But when she decided to feed the servant of God first, all her needs were divinely met. This brings to light what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 – when we put the kingdom agenda first, everything else that we need will be provided.

Understand this: The devil doesn’t like people who partner with God in advancing the kingdom of light. Such people are considered a great threat to him so he will try everything within his power to destroy such people. He will try and use things such as accidents, calamity and the likes just so you loose out. Sometimes he uses people especially those close to you so as to discredit you, speak against you or get you discouraged so you don’t concentrate or give yourself to the cause of Christ. If that fails, he will try and use witches, wizards and satanists to destroy you by sending diseases and infirmities your way so as to kill you if they can – this is why we ought to pray without ceasing.

According to Romans 8:28, the Bible says that all things work together for those that love God and are called according to His purpose. You see, when you align your life according to the purpose of God, I.e you are doing the work of the Lord – walking in love, giving your offerings and tithes, you encourage people, visit and pray for those that are sick, praying for the nation and the salvation of those that are lost, e.t.c, God has the obligation to make everything to work out for your good.

Here is a consolation: When you partner with God, you gain more than you loose and what you gain is permanent!! You loose your sin and you gain the righteousness of Christ. You loose your weakness, you gain the strength of the Lord – 2 Chronicles 16:9.

When you give your money for the work in the house of God, you are actually investing it and storing it in heaven where there is no thieves to break in and steal or rust that will destroy your hard earned money – this is a noble thing to do and it is very pleasing to the Lord 🙂

Did you know that when you serve in church as an usher, deacon, elder, cleaner or pastor, the work you do is not in vain? That’s right – each one of us will be rewarded according to our work and the faithfulness we display towards our calling. Did you also know that you might not be a great preacher like pastor Musonda but when you give your tithe and contribute to the building of the church you are actually going to reap the reward of the pastor? Please know this – you will receive a reward for every soul that is saved in the church that you helped to build, so give with all your heart.

As you choose to partner with God in this month in the area of prayer, contributions, seed sowing and evangelism, God will not abandon you, so long you are sincere and faithful in serving him in the church he has located you. God will rebuke the devourer on your behalf and He will cause you to recover from any lose that the enemy brings to you just as the Shunamite woman had her miracle son recovered from death. Every area of your life is coming to life in the Mighty Name of Jesus – your business is shining, your marriage is resurrecting, you are doing well in your job, calamity will not come near your dwelling place!!

May goodness and mercy follow you brethren as you partner with God in advancing the Kingdom of God and win souls for Christ. SHALOM!!


Apostle Chrispin Musonda
Senior Pastor, Crossway Destiny International
Misisi Church


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